Chicago 2018 – Science, Black History and White Sox

After seeing one of the original Pullman cars yesterday at the History Museum, I was looking forward to seeing the Zephyr...

Chicago 2018 – The Rookery

My education about Frank Lloyd Wright continues today with the Rookery & Burnham Library tour.

Chicago 2018 – Buildings of Art

After a leisurely morning of breakfast in bed and news on the telly, I set out for the 1926 Building, also known as the Fine Arts Building. It was built in 1895 as a showroom and repair shop for Studebaker carriages.

Chicago 2018 – The Wright Tour

Today I tour Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, where he would develop his signature Prairies style of architecture.

Chicago 2018 – RiverWalk Tour

I'm off to Chicago to see the Gothic buildings that scrape the sky...

Raven Steals The Sun

A legend I brought back from Alaska a decade ago, is now embodied in a hat ...

Alaska III – The last of Sitka, and on to Ketchikan

During which I cram as much cultural history as I can into my final days in Alaska...