Morocco 2017 – Into the Red Dunes

Today's the day! My camel trek into the Red Dunes ofErg Chebbi - part of the Western Sahara and the tallest sand dunes in Morocco.

Morocco 2017 – Monkeys, a White Horse and a Kasbah

Today we will climb into the Middle Atlas Mountains to see wild monkeys, and to a kasbah in Merzouga, at the edge of the Western Sahara.

Morocco 2017 – Fez Day 2: A Tile Factory and the Fez El Bali

Fez is the second oldest city in the world after Jerusalem. It lays claim to the first psychiatric and surgical hospitals, the oldest university and library (coincidentally, founded by a woman) and the world's 3rd largest mosque.

Morocco 2017 – Fez, and a Roman Ruin

Volubilis was a caravansary for the Berbers and the capital of Mauritania, before becoming an important Roman outpost in the 2nd century BCE. It marked the furthest reach of the Roman Empire into Africa.

Morocco 2017 – The Blue City of Chefchaouen

Nearing sunset, a pale blue and white landscape comes into view. It's Chefchaouen, a mountain community built in 1471 to repel the Portuguesse. Photo credit: Mark Charteris.

Morocco 2017 – Rabat

We arrive in Rabat, founded in the 10th century, now the second largest metropolis in Morocco. We drive along the crenelated wall of the Kasbah of the Oudaias and walk through the medina to our riad.

Morocco 2017 – Welcome to Casablanca!

Today we visit to the Municipal Building - a miniature version of the Lion Courtyard from the Alhambra (which cracked me up after seeing the original in Granada). Afterwards, Doug took me to a nearby souk where I begin to build my Moroccan wardrobe.