Why I travel…

I travel for inspiration, which you will find reflected in my hats – unique pieces of wearable art inspired by cities I have visited, museum exhibits and my personal cultural and historical studies. Travel also gives me a greater appreciation for how the rest of the world lives. Of all the things I miss due to the lockdowns and quarantines of the COVID-19 pandemic, I miss travel the most.

In February 2021, as we entered the second year of the pandemic, I started consolidating my ‘long text’ journals from August Phoenix Hats, and photos from other sites, and reissued them on this site as “Director’s Cuts” with the long term goal of publishing them in book format. Some of these online journals will be cross-referenced to August Phoenix Hats when they are textile specific. You can also find selected segments at Mainly Museums, where I am a regular contributor.

I am a self taught artisan hatmaker working in recycled and reclaimed textiles. August Phoenix Hats is a one-woman-owned business and registered trademark in Washington State, and a DBA of Lao Hats. August (resplendent) Phoenix (the mythical bird that in several cultures is said to rise from its own ash) reflects the fusion of cultural and historical influences that dominates my work, and my philosophy of giving new life to textiles that would else wise end up in a landfill.

You can learn more about me here, and order a hat inspired by my travels (as well as other pieces of art in 2022) here.

Thanks for reading my blog and following my travels!