Holiday Festivals (not Christmas!)

I'm always interested in what the rest of the world is celebrating this time of year. Today Fodor's Travels answered that question!

Saffron Harvest in Morocco

This fabulous photo essay was authored by Amira El-Masaiti and Mosa'ab Elshamy and published on the AP News today. I share it here in its original, unaltered format. AP PHOTOS: Laborious saffron harvest unites Moroccan village

Chicago 2018 – Science, Black History and White Sox

After seeing one of the original Pullman cars yesterday at the History Museum, I was looking forward to seeing the Zephyr...

Chicago 2018 – The Rookery

My education about Frank Lloyd Wright continues today with the Rookery & Burnham Library tour.

Chicago 2018 – Buildings of Art

After a leisurely morning of breakfast in bed and news on the telly, I set out for the 1926 Building, also known as the Fine Arts Building. It was built in 1895 as a showroom and repair shop for Studebaker carriages.

Chicago 2018 – The Wright Tour

Today I tour Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio, where he would develop his signature Prairies style of architecture.

Chicago 2018 – RiverWalk Tour

I'm off to Chicago to see the Gothic buildings that scrape the sky...