A Gothic Hat

Travel inspires my work. If you've been following me here, you've probably noticed a couple of recent posts highlighting the hats I've made that were inspired by my travels in Italy and Turkey. This is my inspiration from Spain.

Andalucia 2012 – Granada’s Albayzin District

I find the Great Mosque but cannot enter. There's a fountain in the courtyard and a great view of the Alhambra in the distance. The view must be spectacular at night.

Andalucia 2012 – Granada and the Alhambra

"...we passed through a Moorish archway into the renowned Court of Lions... The alabaster basins still shed their diamond drops, and the twelve lions which support them cast forth their crystal streams as in the days of Boabdil..."

Andalucia 2012 – The Alcazar and Surrounds

The Alcazar was built in 1328 as a military fortification, and was later extended to include gardens, transforming into a residence for the Catholic monarchs after the Reconquista.

Andalucia 2012 – Cordoba’s Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter is one of the largest and best preserved in Europe. There are two homes of note here, as well as the Synagogue.

Andalucia 2012 – The Mezquita

The Mezquita was the largest mosque in the Western world, measuring almost 24,000 square meters. It was built in stages between 785 and 987 and would be considered the most important sanctuary of Western Islam.

Andalucia 2012 – Cordoba

Cordoba was a scholastic center from the 8th century. Under Muslim rule, it celebrated a golden age of cultural revival and was among the most diverse and religiously tolerant cities of its time.