Venetians and Florentines

The hats my travels in Venice and Florence have inspired.

Crossroads Tour – Florence Final Day

In the early AM. another hotel guest plays Spanish guitar just outside my door. There are worse ways to wake up on a Sunday morning...

Crossroads Tour – Chapel of the Magi

It's one of my favorite Renaissance works for its subject mater and intricate detail, and I never dreamed to see it outside of an art book. And yet, here I am,

Crossroads Tour – Portovenere

It is said that Wagner, upon looking out onto the sea off the coast of La Spezia, was inspired to write the first stanza of Das Niebelung.

Crossroads Tour – Of Ships and Sea Creatures

Built for the Genoa Expo 1992, the Genoa Aquarium houses 63 tanks in its 10,000 meter space, and is said to be the largest indoor aquarium in Europe.

Crossroads Tour – Genoa Second Day

A police car stops behind me, and an officer asks if I'm here to see the Lanterna, the “Cymbol of Genova.”

Crossroads Tour – Arrival in Genoa

Arriving in Genoa, I depart the beautiful train station and walk through a downtown shopping core