Morocco at last …

I had planned to celebrate a milestone birthday in Egpyt, but plans fell through. I’m happy that they did though, because my top-of-bucket-list destination arrived about 6 months later, via a small group tour run by Doug Baum at Texas Camel Corps.

It had taken me 3 days to pack, and yet last night, heeding a nagging voice in my head, I repacked again, swapping shoes and moving chargers and adapters to my purse, along with a sewing kit, a bit of duct tape, a spare shirt and a book. It seemed ridiculous but I attributed it to the pre-travel jitters that always keeps up until 2 AM the night before a flight.

I am finally on my way to Morocco.

Arriving at the Lufthansa ticketing desk with my TSA pre-check pass in hand, I’m told that my carry-on is overweight (by about 2 pounds) and it will have to be checked.  I hop onto the tram (no waiting!) to the international gates, and get through security without having to take off my shoes (a first!).  I’m still 2.5 hours early, so it’s breakfast and El Cid, the book I had slipped into my purse last night.

Eight hours later, we land in Frankfurt.  No frisking or swabbing for explosives at Frankfurt (another first!). “Wow, everything is going so well!” I meet up with Brenda, arriving from Toronto. She’ll be one of my traveling companions for the next several days. We make small-talk at the gate until our next flight arrives.

From my window seat, I view the Spanish coastline towards North Africa, with green lakes, a patchwork of crop fields stretching to the horizon, and an expanse of solar panels about half an hour outside of Casablanca.

We land, and head to baggage claim.  Brenda finds her suitcase right away and waits for me as I search the carousel, and then the piles of suitcases in the corner, and then every other carousel.  After about 20 minutes I find an airport staff to help me, and we search again, for a tidy, well packed lime green bag that apparently never arrived… 

The long version of this tale is available at

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